Looks like a road trip might be in order

I am not a person that understand legal jargon well. I can put together a basic understanding of court documents, but the specifics escape me if it is written the way that most court documents are, especially in criminal cases.

I have been looking for information on court filings online and from what I can tell, I can get details on various dates and the names of proceedings that occurred on those dates, but no details on evidence, testimony, or exhibits. I am even struggling to determine how I could order full transcripts of the trial, and what documents I would specifically request (there are dozens listed).

My solution? I am going to call the circuit court tomorrow, and pending the information they’re able to provide, hopefully drive the 90 ish minutes up there and retrieve the documents myself.

I love Amazon as much as the next lady, but if I want something right away I have no trouble picking it up myself.

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